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The truth of dating a flight pilot


The truth of dating a flight pilot

HAVE you ever wondered exactly what it could be choose to live the high life, by heading out with a pilot? We expose the highs, together with lows . Did we mention the free travel?

30, 2013 9:59am july

Residing the high life. Photo: Supplied Source:News Limited

HAVE you ever wondered exactly what it will be prefer to live the life that is high by venturing out with a pilot?

Christopher Stork is a commercial flight pilot for 14 years. Situated in Washington DC, he’s got a three-year-old son along with his spouse is a flight attendant that is former. He informs us why landing a pilot should always be on the to-do list.

“Dating a pilot is a treat that is real if you are therefore happy to marry one, here you will find the secrets which are in shop for you personally. I will understand: i am a pilot.

If you should be into jetsetting

Being with a pilot means you have bootstrapped to your throttle jockey’s pass privileges. This is simply not automatic though. He/she may currently have a drinking buddy detailed as a ‘domestic partner’ so that they can simply take trips that are free towards the islands or Vegas together.