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Most reviewers get lots of queries and have to turn down even books that sound really enjoyable to them due to time constraints. There are websites which categorize book bloggers/reviewers by the genres they review; those can be really helpful in finding the right reviewers. Or go to Amazon and see who has reviewed similar books to yours, and see if they have an email address on their profile.

  • You can visit the review library page to view available opportunities.
  • If you see a book you’re interested in on there, then just click on the cover and you’ll be taken to a new page.
  • As its name implies, RABT Book Tours & PR is a company that offers book tours and PR services to authors.

All Ebooks Are In A Proprietary Format

Thank you very much for taking your time to share this helpful information. I am after honest reviews for my book A Woman’s Weakness. Now you have given me the directions, the ball is in my hands. While most people who write never publish, some of those still have a few books printed for themselves, family and friends who have expressed an interest.

And, in that case, you needn’t bother with arranging for reviews, or with other promotional methods. And yet, authors very often email to ask me to review their e-books. Some of these authors have told me that they were referred to me by Reviews Easy, and they’ve been surprised that I have no interest in e-books.

With 10,000 reviewers, you may be able to go through that list in, oh, let’s say a year. And of course it changes daily so you’ll need to keep a list of whose reviews you looked at. You might try getting reviews via Goodreads (you can even give away free books/ebooks in Goodreads’ Member Giveaway).

As a first-time author and technophobe besides, I’ve despaired of generating any sense of direction in my efforts to get my book into the hands of unbiased readers. Your suggestions are clear, concise and orderly, and likely the jumpstart I’ve needed. This article is dated March 6, 2014, so perhaps something has changed as far as finding book reviewers on Amazon. There are 10,000, with zero indication as to what they review. To find that out, you have to click on each name one by one, then scroll through their reviews to see if they even review books, and what genre of books they review.

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(Use the group search box to find them.) Before posting review opportunities, be sure to check that the rules of the particular group allow it. Though those who receive your books are not required to review your book, you can let it be known that you hope they do. LibraryThing reviewers can post their reviews on that site, but some often post their reviews elsewhere, such as and Goodreads. However, it’s important to understand that reviewers ultimately aren’t written for the author’s benefit.

That might give you some reviews in shorter than three or four months. 4226 Spruce St. Makes it easy for authors of Kindle books to connect with Amazon reviewers. Only publishers can give away books for free there, but you can still find potential reviewers through their groups, some of which are dedicated to connecting authors with reviewers.