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My boyfriend and their daughter have actually inappropriate relationship?


My boyfriend and their daughter have actually inappropriate relationship?

He gets her every and when he has her it’s all about her weekend. He takes her whenever she wishes and takes her away to consume every dinner. This could be fine but the thing is we’ve been “dating” just over per year. I put dating in quotes because we’ve gone on a number of times which he taken care of in this time around. I pay many the right time cause he is broke as he states. he states 25% would go to son or daughter support 50% would go to hire 10% to church and 15% to his meals and taking his child out making many the time absolutely nothing. Okay I accepted that but then there is certainly one other items. Just like the reality in his lap, holding her hand while he drives, if I drive he sits in the back cuddling with her, sit on the couch cuddling, they even hold hands as they sleep, he has her bed next to hers that he and his daughter 9 years of age always are touching, holding hands, carrying her, her. I’ve attempted to speak to him on how uncomfortable I am with this specific and how I feel like he treats her just like a gf more then a young child but he simply states do not take on my child or keep my child alone. Is it normal? Am we overreacting?

Many thanks for all your advice it’s very helpful!! No more that’s that put up a flag that is red me personally. I’m therefore pleased to hear that many think it really is normal and then he’s simply being truly a good dad. One deilema down! Presently there is certainly one more, exactly exactly what do i actually do on how i’m I am treated by him in terms of her? He and also the ex hate eachother and fight all of the time, in the phone along with her as soon as we are tring to obtain his child and she ended up being providing issues I thought to him just inform her to obtain house and I also’ll select her up wanting to provide him an easy method at me to shut the blank up cause she didn’t want to drop her off and my man doesnt have a car he yelled.