How Can I Download Latest RAID Shadow Legends Without Viruses In 2021.


For example, if a hit deals 18% of the Champion’s HP, the Turn Meter will increase by 30%. Each hit in multi-hit Skills is counted separately. The effects of this Set won’t occur from HP lost from debuffs, Skills that do self-damage, or other Skills that modify or balance Champion current or MAX HP. Avenging – Grants the Champion a 45% chance to Counterattack when attacked by an enemy with a critical hit. The Counterattack will deal 100% of the default Skill’s damage and will not have a RAID Shadow Legends damage penalty like normal Counterattacks.

Lua is kinda Slow but her Attack Power is enormous compared to other Epic Heroes. She is very squishy but her skillset combined with great ATT Power makes her more important than many other Legendary Champions. Prince Kymar has average stats that don’t exceed the medium values and only his Defense is above average. His main strength is his amazing abilities that utilize damage and debuffs and affect all enemies. Wurlim Frostking is an ideal Champion for early and mid-game.

What Is Raid Shadow Legends Beginner Guide?

If it’s the same, there would not be any bonus. And, if it’s strong, your champion will deal less damage. That’s why you should select the champions wisely.

Give him a Defense Chestplate and Defense Gloves. For Shield, Helmet, and Weapon the primary stats are always the same but you can choose them by their substats which are Acc, Defense, Speed just like explained. It is recommended to max out all skills with books. Three Legendary books max out this ability increases the damage by 20% and reduces the Cooldown from 4 to 3 turns. Two Legendary books max out this ability and enhance his Buff chance from 15% to 25%.

Summoners War Vs Raid: Which Game Is Better?

His skill cooldowns are a bit slow but are okay if used the skills at the correct times. If you love to use AoE attacks then he is the best for you. Kael is a Dark Elf order champion or you can say mid-ranged AoE type champion with attacking abilities. He has an affinity for magic attacks and can be best used anytime .

  • Enhance his HP a significant amount to around 33000.
  • If you want to use him for Faction Wars expand until the in the Support tree as well as to the in the Defense tree to take better damage.
  • Skytouched Shaman is a very interesting Champion that can have many different combinations of Masteries and item sets depending on what you want.
  • To do that, they need gloves with increased % crit damage as main stat, chests with increased % attack and boots with %speed.
  • The heal is based on their actual MAX HP in the battle at the time, including all Great Hall Bonuses, and boosts from other sources.
  • But all was destroyed when the kingdom was broken by the dark lord Siroth.

With a probability of 75%, imposes on a Hero weakness 25% for 2 turns. Aura – increases the defense of allies in the Arena by 30%. Dark Blood – when the Catcher takes critical damage, he is treated for 20% of his health and imposes on his allies the Protection Bonus of 60% for 2 turns. With a probability of 75%, a penalty of 60% is imposed on 2 turns. If the target has an Attack Penalty, casts Sleep for 1 turn. After the first attack with a probability of 50%, a penalty of 60% is imposed on 2 turns.


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