Use It: Amazing Features Of Microsoft Translator For Phones You Should Try (With Screenshots).


“Ask before downloading” will give you the opportunity to stop a download if you’re not in WiFi. The “Use WiFi or mobile network” option will download via cellular data, if you’re not connected to WiFi. It only takes a few moments to download a language library or an upgrade, if you’re connected to good WiFi. universal translators used by crew members on the Enterprise (though Google Translate doesn’t include any alien languages – yet).

So the Microsoft Translator bookmarklet, which is simply composed of Javascript code, is designed to work in other browsers. I was able to run it successfully in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. From there, you can surf to any Web page not in your native language and simply click on the Translate button to convert it. As one example, I opened the Korea Times home page, clicked on the Translate button, and the page reopened with all the text in English. Translate the text on any image by selecting from your saved files. Translate the text in photos with the app’s latest verson of Microsoft Translator built-in camera viewer, or upload saved photos from your gallery.

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If your iPhone can’t run iOS 14, skip to the Google Translate section below. Tile-like Bluetooth tracking device designed to be attached to items like keys and wallets, letting you find them right in the Find My app. If you press the favorite button , you can add the translation to your Favorites list.

This function takes a request URL, request header and post data as the parameters and returns the curl response or error. Now all the necessary functions for accessing the translator service are ready. Once an access token is retrieved, we can access the translation functions by authorizing the request with the access token. Generally, we use curl for making requests to APIs, so let’s implement a reusable function for our curl request as shown in the following code.

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Dual noise-canceling microphones help cut out background noise and increase translation accuracy, which can be as high as 95% under ideal conditions. The best example right now is the second version of Google’s Pixel Buds, a sleek pair of fully-wireless earbuds with a killer translation feature. Pop in the buds, say “Hey Google, help me speak Spanish” , and your phone will open up Google Translate with the appropriate language pair. Papago is a useful tool for Asian languages, especially Korean, letting you translate words and phrases from text, audio, or images.

  • The app’s home screen displays the source and target languages at the top.
  • Many international travelers don’t activate data plans when they go abroad, but Google Translate now offers downloadable packages in 52 languages for offline use.
  • The Conversation mode is smart enough to detect the spoken language and translate it into the other language.
  • The app can detect more than 100 languages and provide offline translations to 59 languages.
  • You’ll be passing the phone back and forth between you and another person speaking a different language into the phone.


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