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Hold on, before you head to storage and grab your old VHS tapes, you should know not allmovies will have a nice price tag attached to them. Following another list of box-office failures, Disney put their hopes and dreams into the impending success of their 12th animated feature, Cinderella. The animated film was a success in theaters and well-received, making it the first film to receive such accolades since the release of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. The timeless classic about mistreated girl who finds love with a prince with the help of her fairy godmother, spawned several sequels and a live-action version of the film. The film was released on VHS in 1988 which is the most sought after edition. In 1951, Disney released this timeless classic much to pleasure of children and adults alike. Alice in Wonderland was the 13th release from Disney Studios and even though it initially flopped when it premiered in theaters, the film went on to develop a cult-following due to it’s popularity on television.

eBayIf you see this diamond with Disney’s signature next to it, the VHS could even be worth even more. One older edition of Disney+ old version for android The Little Mermaid sold for $6,000 because it featured artwork that was later banned. Disney VHS tapes are seen as collectors items with many fans wanting to add to their huge collections. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 30 years since The Little Mermaid first made a huge splash, released in 1989.

How To Customize Your Walt Disney Magic Bands

As we mentioned earlier, your MagicBand serves as your room key and can be used to make purchases at the resort and in the parks during your hotel stay. Guests using Disney’s Magical Express transportation will also use them at check-in, so you shouldn’t put them in your checked baggage if you are flying to Orlando. Consider the Disney Magic Band your lifeline to pretty much everything you will need on your trip. Access to the parks, the magical express, special event tickets, your credit card, dining plan and even your resort room. The Disney MagicBand is an adjustable bracelet equipped with a radio frequency chip.

That means you will soon be able to use an Apple Watch or iPhone to handle all these tasks on your vacation. NFC technology isn’t only limited to Apple thankfully, Android phones and devices similar to the Apple Watch will be able to be used by guests in Disney World.

Great Content App Interface Needs Work

But sadly, that’s not really the case, most of the time, according the debunking website Snopes. But sadly, that’s not really the case, most of the time,according the debunking website Snopes. I know in our home we had Aladdin, Lion King, The Little Mermaid, one or two of the Herbie movies and, I think, Lady and the Tramp. I, personally, watched Aladdin and Lion King at least 1,432 times.

  • Amazon, Netflix, and even Apple TV+, despite its somewhat disappointing launch titles, all attempt to tell new, compelling stories.
  • As of now, 16 locations are currently closed, 11 are operating at reduced capacity, and the company’s public restaurants are similarly compromised.
  • Get into nature, while avoiding crowds at popular attractions, by renting snow-shoes and hitting one of the many (free!) mountain trails.
  • Several Bluey episodes have many content from the original Australian airings changed or removed to “suit” American audiences .”Markets” removes the horse doing a poop before Bluey Heeler and Indy run away.

It’s a sound of technology that’s been left in the past. VHS tapes, once staples of a family movie night, have been replaced, but the tapes live on – on eBay. SALT LAKE CITY – If you were around in the 1980s or 90s, there is a good chance you owned a collection of Disney VHS tapes and maybe even other collectibles. I don’t know where it started but it’s easy to see how it spread. Then you get the fake eBay listings and what not and people believe it in a moment. As in any bidding format, just because a tape may be listed at a high price doesn’t mean it will sell for that amount of money.

A Timely Lesson From A Classic Movie


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