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I think that such approach is similar to using cutscenes in games, where you take tools from cinema and try to copy them straight into game without adapting them. For solitaire card games me the more abstracted the mechanics, the less text and technical information the better for the experience. I would say it’s how dominant the elements are, like yeah borderlands is a shooter, but there is no possible way to beat the game at level one with the starting pistol. What really defines RPGs on video games are RPG elements, specifically elements from the D&D-style rules such as levels, hit points, ability points , an inventory, some sort of alignment system , and so on. If you have enough RPG elements , it becomes an RPG. If you take that definition to video games, then most everything could be called an RPG. Mario has choices as to how to navigates levels, Pacman has choices, etc.

Part of this may be due to the fact that I played the demo first, which starts you off with most of these skills unlocked, and so I felt disempowered playing the same levels again in the actual game. TL;DR So RPG elements are as old as tabletop RPG games. They are a good tool for other game genres, but not all of them.

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This influenced two hemispheres in the world, created the familiar CRPG vs. the more console/tactics based Turn-based RPG . Both styles were heavily influenced by the system, the central difference in the WRPG placing more stock in the single player, whereas the JRPG focuses on that of the party, or group. They both of course influence one another, but both are largely based on the original stats-based tabletop RPGs like D&D and GURPS.

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The Fire Emblem games—excellent tactical RPGs by any standard—include no exploration whatsoever. When most people think of RPGs, they think of humans, elves and dwarves running around with swords, casting spells and killing monsters.

An archery contest is a skill based system which tests the skill of the archer. An archery contest in an RPG tests the skill of the role and not that of the player. Think about the movie "Scary Movie." That movie is a comedy. Although it is a comedy there are some scenes where a guy with a knife will pop out of no where. Does that mean that "Scary Movie" is a horror movie? Halo can have an element of Role Playing because you can pretend you are master chief, but the game is mainly meant to be a shooter.

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Although providing for exploration of the game world certainly ranks among RPG best practices, it simply isn’t going to get us very far in terms of defining which games do and do not fit into the genre. Moreover, exploration is not a universal feature in RPGs. Some RPGs feature relentlessly linear game worlds.

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You don’t need elves, dwarves or dragons, as games like Fallout, Persona and Mass Effect clearly prove. To make “playing a role” the definition of a computer RPG is to make all games computer RPGs. This defeats the whole purpose of having a “computer RPG” category in the first place. This definition doesn’t work because–with very few exceptions–you play a role in nearly every video game, regardless of genre. In Half Life, you play the role of Gordon Freeman, a research scientist. In Super Mario Brothers, you play the role of a mustachioed Italian plumber with fantastic jumping abilities. The original tabletop game genre is called that because it focuses on creating a character and acting out that character’s decisions, whatever they may be.


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