Now she sings Bavarian again, and her eyes are almost as big as they were then


Now she sings Bavarian again, and her eyes are almost as big as they were then

The make-up reminds another fan of Cindy from Marzahn. “That doesn’t look great, you have to be honest,” it said in other comments. The actress took the comments calmly. “Fortunately, it’s only a role,” she replied. With that, she revealed that even she doesn’t think much of the elven look. 

The eye-catching look was created as part of a new role. However, the actress has not revealed which film Jenny Elvers is currently making.   

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 Jenny Elvers became known as the heather queen and became famous as the self-proclaimed “Queen Mum of Luder”. She had affairs with stars like Udo Juergens, Heiner Lauterbach and rapper Thomas D. Then she fell in love with “Big Brother” star Alex Jolig, with whom she even has a 17-year-old son today. Your bitch life has come to an end since then. But it still doesn’t work out with the men. After a failed marriage with Goetz Elbertzhagen, she also dumped her fiancé Steffen von der Beeck two years ago.

Sources used: Instagram profile of Jenny Elverseigene Recherche

It’s been over a year since Patrick Lindner and his partner Peter Schäfer got engaged in the Caribbean. Now more concrete plans for the wedding are finally being forged.

Schlager is so beautiful

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Last April, Patrick Lindner flew with his partner Peter Schäfer, who is also his manager, to the Caribbean, where the musician had an appearance with other pop stars. The place was of course ideal for all questions, and Lindner knelt down in front of his partner and asked for his hand. In the coming year, the two finally want to get married – at least Lindner would find that very fitting. 

A couple for ten years

“October 10, 2020 would not be bad,” said the 58-year-old in an interview with “Meine Melodie” magazine. The reason for the date: “Then we’ll be together for ten years!” So the two of them would have something to celebrate twice. 

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Incidentally, Patrick Lindner can also currently celebrate – his 30th stage anniversary. He looks back more than satisfied on the past decades: “I had a great time, I’m happy and grateful that I was able to see the big shows.”

Sources used: Meine Melodie 8/2019

Ottfried Fischer and Simone Brandlmeier tied the knot last Friday in Passau. Due to the corona pandemic, however, the celebration turned out differently than planned.

The most beautiful celebrity weddings

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doing community service essay

Last Friday – June 19th – Ottfried Fischer and his partner Simone Brandlmeier said yes after 13 years of relationship in Passau, Bavaria. The 66-year-old spoke to the “Bild” newspaper about the wedding ceremony, which took place in secret and which the regional press got wind of – including the “Passauer Neue Presse” reporting on the marriage.

Instead of the planned 100 guests, there were only 15 family members and closest friends. The wedding was originally not supposed to take place in Fischer’s adopted home Passau, but in Regensburg. But the coronavirus pandemic overturned the plan. The “sign of solidarity” became particularly important to the couple during the Corona crisis: “We decided to get married at the beginning of the Corona period,” reports Fischer. 

“We have been the perfect team for 13 years”

Fischer “always knew that I wanted to marry Simone”. And even if everything was not as the couple had wished, the TV legend was excited before the wedding: “Of course! We have been the perfect team for 13 years,” enthuses Fischer about his Simone.

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In order to protect the invited guests, they paid careful attention to corona protective measures all day – even at the private party. “In order to avoid misunderstandings, we took off our mouthguards when we said yes,” jokes Fischer. After the civil wedding, a church wedding should follow. But before that, the newly wed couple first go on their honeymoon: “We’ll be going to the mountains shortly.”

Sources used: Image: “Dream wedding in a wheelchair” (fee required)

O’zapft is! Just in time for the start of the 183rd Oktoberfest in Munich, numerous celebrities rummaged through the closet and mingled with the crowd. The celebrations from the very beginning this time included mainly old and young pop stars.

Stars and starlets at Oktoberfest 2016

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Hit legend Roberto Blanco was there from the very first minute. On one of the beer carriages he accompanied the traditional arrival of the Oktoberfest hosts and brewers. Blancos singer colleague Patrick Lindner did not miss the spectacle either.

Andrea Berg came with Vanessa Mai

The star density in the Schottenhamel tent was particularly high. Here, for example, presenter and singer Florian Silbereisen had come to hiss the first beer at this year’s Oktoberfest together with presenter Carolin Reiber.

In the prominent family group, Schlager Queen Andrea Berg set out for Theresienwiese. In addition to her husband Ulrich Ferber and her stepson Andreas Ferber, she also had her daughter-in-law Vanessa Mai in tow.

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You can see how the pop stars celebrated the first day at Oktoberfest in our photo show.

Rust (AP) – SEMINO ROSSI sings about life and love. Musically, he remembers his Latin American roots – they are important to him. And he likes gentle feelings. “I’m a romantic,” said the 57-year-old in Rust near Freiburg in an interview with the German press agency.

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“This is life” is the name of his new album, and the Argentinean living in Austria remains true to his musical line. The cuddly singer worked on it for a year, 50 songs were written during this time. “Choosing twelve songs from this that will be put on the album – that was a difficult task,” said Rossi, who sings in German and Spanish. Thematically, it’s about the ups and downs of life – every listener should therefore be able to identify with the texts.

Latin American rhythms, paired with pop, give the hits a modern sound. “It is important to me that the music is characterized by a positive mood – and that the livelier tracks are danceable,” says Rossi. He does not want to undertake daring experiments. Everyone can rely on not being negatively surprised – even if the music moves with the times and develops.


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“If I can still see that …”

Anyone who has been on stage for 30 years and can inspire their fans must know one thing above all: their brand essence. That’s the case with pop star PATRICK LINDNER. He knows what he can do, what he stands for and above all what his followers expect from him. “I’m not a person now who could start singing socially critical texts,” said the 58-year-old in Munich. “That was never my thing, although I have always valued and appreciated Udo Jürgens. But I am someone who has always been more of a comforter of the soul and has put people on the sunny side.”

“I celebrate the time” is the name of his new album. He recorded 14 songs for it, four new versions of his old hits “I would have kissed you anyway”, “Anna Lena”, “Feeling is a roller coaster” and “Have you really lived today”. The remaining ten songs are brand new.

He has partly found “a completely new musical language”, says Lindner and speaks of “songs from today”. That means: more electronic sounds, more synthesizers, young songwriters.

As an Elvis returner, The Baseballs spread a good mood with their lively version of rock’n’roll. As a solo artist, SEBASTIAN RAETZEL has taken a new direction. Now the 36-year-old singer appears without lard and pomade on “Immer wieder sonntags” and has songs between Schlager and Pop in the program.

He thwarted the breathless drive of baseballs on his debut “The Same Sky” and put more feeling into his songs, which mainly revolve around love – between separation, delusion and infatuation. “In love with shock” or “Spring for the two of us” are the names of the heart songs. And if things don’t go well and you feel completely excluded, he recommends: “Close your eyes and dance”.

The terrain is not new to him. Sebastian Raetzel has already written songs for Maximilian Arland, Ella Endlich and Vincent Gross. And Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer (“Only with you”) made use of his talent as a composer. Much more is not possible.

Using a mostly pounding rhythm, Raetzel built up his lovely songs, padded them gently with electronics, guitar, piano and strings – and wrapped the sensitive verses around hymn-like refrains. And with the yearning piano ballad “Hold me only once” about a broken love, he especially touches the heart.

“I’m a Bavarian cowgirl”, Nicki once sang across the hit parade and looked innocently through her big googly eyes. Now she sings Bavarian again, and her eyes are almost as big as they were then.

When Nicki, whose real name is Doris Hrda, was in her early twenties, she was at the height of her career. Her Bavarian charm and her sweet voice brought her success. But of course a lot has happened since then.

Do you still know them? This is what Nicki looked like in 1996. (Source: dpa)

In 2006, the now 51-year-old suffered from burn-out and withdrew from the public. “I took care of my family a lot. My two daughters are no longer small children at the age of 15 and 17, so I can devote myself more to music,” said the singer to “Bild”. 

So now Nicki is back. At the side of Patrick Lindner she sings the song “Baby Voulez Vous”. And how did it come about? “Patrick called me and asked if I would like to sing the song with him. We have known each other for a long time, and I liked the song, so I immediately said yes,” she says.

Patrick Lindner explains that he kissed Nicki from her deep sleep. Singing a song with her is a very special joy for him. 

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Sources and further information: Report on Bild.deYoutube video “Baby Voulez Vous” website by Nicki

FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – The hope of additional economic aid in the US supported the German stock market on Thursday. The leading index Dax increased its moderate gains from the previous day and in early trading climbed above the round mark of 13,000 points for the first time in almost three weeks before the momentum subsided somewhat. Most recently, there was an increase of 0.54 percent to 12,998.42 points.

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In the brighter stock market environment, the MDax of the 60 medium-sized stocks rose by 0.62 percent to 27,790.13 points. The leading Eurozone index EuroStoxx 50 gained 0.4 percent.

“The financial markets have taken the cancellation of the talks between Democrats and Republicans with regard to another US aid package very calmly,” wrote analyst Christian Henke from trading house IG. In general, an agreement was not expected shortly before the US election anyway. Regardless of who will win the battle for the White House on November 3, both opponents would then probably take further fiscal policy support in the fight against the consequences of the corona pandemic.


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US President Donald Trump had already announced on Wednesday that he would provide emergency aid with several smaller measures, for example for the ailing airlines.