What is important today: What can happen if you get tested


What is important today: What can happen if you get tested

A broad debate on this in Parliament and society is desirable, after all, there are a number of things to consider before a possible change to the text.

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht spoke out in favor of deleting the term. She told the editorial network Germany (Saturday) that the fathers and mothers of the Basic Law had “” formulated grounds for discrimination that people suffered from during the Nazi regime “”. The terminology was correct at the time. “” But we are significantly further in the discussion today. Therefore, in the fight against racism, we should use a different formulation to ensure protection so that there is no loophole.

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The parliamentary group leaders of the Greens in the Bundestag, Katrin Göring-Eckardt and Anton Hofreiter, suggested to their counterparts in the Union, SPD, FDP and Left to seek a “” broad consensus among the democratic groups. They also sent a specific proposal for the change: Accordingly, the word “” race “” should be deleted and replaced by the term “” racist “”. The letter and the draft law have been submitted to the German Press Agency.

The Basic Law states: “” Nobody may be disadvantaged or preferred because of their gender, their origin, their race, their language, their homeland and origin, their beliefs, their religious or political views. “”

Specifically, the Greens propose to formulate the sentence as follows: “” Nobody may be discriminated against or preferred because of their gender, their origin, their language, their homeland and origin, their beliefs, their religious or political views or because of their racialism The sentence should also be: “” The state guarantees protection against any group-related violation of the equal dignity of all people and works towards the elimination of existing disadvantages. “”

The AfD’s domestic policy spokesman, Gottfried Curio, accused the Greens of wanting to “” impose a left-wing interpretive framework on reality by censoring terms. Instead of inserting the expression “” racist “” into the Basic Law article, it would be conceivable to replace “” race “” with “” ethnic origin “”.

“” The term “race” “neither corresponds to today’s usage nor is it scientifically correct,” declared the Federal Immigration and Integration Council. Its chairman, Memet Kilic, said that Germany had learned from the crimes of the Nazi era and that this had to be reflected in the language – “” because rising racism and right-wing extremism show that the lessons have not yet reached everyone’s mind are.””

According to the deputy chairman of the Expert Council for Integration and Migration, Daniel Thym, the deletion of the term from the Basic Law would above all have a symbolic meaning. After all, the word can also be found in other documents that the Bundestag and Bundesrat could not change – such as the European Convention on Human Rights. In addition, the term does not play a major role in the practice of German courts, explained the lawyer. “” Such symbols can be important to make it clear that there are no races and that people should not be discriminated because of their appearance. “”

Amnesty International considers compulsory “” anti-racism training “” for all employees of the German security authorities and the judiciary to be useful and necessary. “” The first pilot projects in the judiciary and the federal police were an important start, now the training courses have to be established across the board, “demanded the human rights organization on Friday. “” It is not about placing police officers under general suspicion or accusing them – it is about professionalizing police work, transparency and taking responsibility, “said the Secretary General of Amnesty International in Germany, Markus Beeko.https://123helpme.me/to-kill-a-mockingbird-essay/

The Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Justice are jointly planning a study on so-called racial profiling in the police force. Racial profiling is used when people are checked for their skin color, hair color or other external characteristics, but without a specific reason. The reason for the planned study was a report by the European Commission on Racism and Intolerance from last March, said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry. The study should not only include the federal police, but also the police authorities of the federal states.

In Stuttgart the proclamation of the charter of the German expellees is commemorated. 70 years ago they decided to forego revenge and to help build a peaceful Europe.

In Stuttgart, the Federation of Expellees is commemorating the proclamation of the Charter of Expellees 70 years ago. It is considered the basic law of the German expellees. In their charter adopted in Stuttgart on August 5, 1950, they had declared that they would forego revenge and retaliation and participate in the creation of a peaceful, free and united Europe.

Because of the strict Corona requirements, however, the BdV is not holding a ceremony this year on “Home Day” and instead commemorates the anniversary with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Charter monument. In addition to BdV President Bernd Fabritius, the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Culture Susanne Eisenmann (CDU) is expected.

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Around 15 million Germans lost their homes during the Second World War through flight and displacement. The annual “Homeland Day” commemorates this.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Billions against the Corona crisis: The Bundestag is launching an unprecedented aid package. It breaks the debt brake in the Basic Law. 

On Wednesday, the Bundestag decided on an unprecedented, billion-dollar aid package in the Corona crisis. It includes measures to save jobs and companies, to support hospitals and to secure the livelihood and housing of citizens.

The Federal Council still has to give its approval on Friday, but not all laws require approval. Specifically, the Bundestag passed a 600 billion euro protective umbrella for larger companies. The state wants to give guarantees on a large scale and, if necessary, nationalize important companies in whole or in part.

For small companies and the self-employed, there should be direct grants totaling 50 billion euros. To this end, a federal-state agreement is currently being worked on, and the money is to be paid out via the states.

Scholz is planning new debt of 156 billion euros

To finance this, too, the Bundestag decided on a supplementary budget. The Ministry of Finance expects the aid programs to cost more than 122 billion euros. At the same time, taxes will probably be reduced by 33.5 billion euros. That is why Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) is planning a new debt of 156 billion euros. That is around 100 billion more than the debt brake in the Basic Law allows. That is why an emergency rule was drawn up – it was passed with the required majority of the Chancellors.

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For tenants, the Bundestag decided on regulations that they can no longer be terminated if they cannot pay the rent due to the Corona crisis. In addition, further social hardships are to be cushioned. There is also a large financial injection for the hospitals. The federal government will also have more competence in disease protection. The bankruptcy law is relaxed so that companies do not go bankrupt so quickly.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Federal President Steinmeier thinks that democracy has proven its worth especially in times of crisis. Attacks on basic values, whether in the form of conspiracies or hatred and racism, should not be tolerated. 

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier sees the debates about the corona policy as proof of the strength of democracy. “” How lively our democracy is, how deeply anchored and how highly valued its basic values ​​are, is evident right now in this crisis, “” he writes in a guest article in the “” Süddeutsche Zeitung “” (weekend edition). “” Criticism is not reserved for corona-free times. “”

He thinks the corona restrictions are sensible and reasonable. They are “” massive “” and “” unique in our history “”, but serve to protect health and life. He is happy about the lively discussions, but at the same time warned against their abuse. Some people tried “” to bring their poisoned ideas “” into the debates, “” to sow doubts about the meaning and legitimacy of democratic procedures, “” said the Federal President.

Steinmeier: Conspiracy theories “” Attack on our democracy “”

Behind conspiracy theories are tough political goals “” which we must not ignore “”. To discredit elected politicians, serious journalists and scientific knowledge is “” nothing less than an attack on our democracy “”. It is precisely the basic democratic order that has proven itself in the pandemic. The fact that the infection curve could be flattened is an “” act of strength for society as a whole “” that we, as responsible citizens, undertook – without “” an iron hand forcing us “”.

Steinmeier also emphasized that there was nothing to suggest that the restrictions would not be lifted again after the crisis. He was convinced: The Basic Law, which will celebrate its birthday on Saturday, “” will survive this pandemic without being damaged “”. It was signed in Bonn on May 23, 1949 and came into force at the end of the day. “” The Basic Law does not belong in any risk group – not only because 71 years is not an age for a constitution. “”

Steinmeier regrets restrictions at the end of Ramadan

Steinmeier also commented on the Basic Law in a message of greeting at the end of the Muslim month of fasting Ramadan. There would be a guarantee of free religious practice – “” and yet it was necessary to temporarily limit meetings in order to save human lives. “” He regrets that the pandemic is now overshadowing the breaking of the fast. “” Common prayers, common meals after sunset, the happy festival cannot take place at all or only to a limited extent this year. “” This “” oppressive experience “” was shared by Christians and Jews.

Steinmeier thanked everyone “” who adhered to these strict rules and helped us to achieve our first successes in the fight against the virus “”.

This year’s Ramadan will also be overshadowed by the attack in Hanau, Steinmeier said. “” Many Muslims were among the victims of the perpetrator blinded by racist hatred. “” The act was “” an attack on our peaceful coexistence and on all the values ​​we share in this country “”.

Steinmeier: Do not tolerate hatred and exclusion

Steinmeier promised that he would work to ensure that society resolutely opposed any form of racist agitation. “” Hatred and marginalization, violent attacks on Muslims, attacks on mosques, we must not tolerate that, we must not allow that. “”

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In February, 43-year-old Tobias R. shot nine people in Hanau for racist motives. He and his mother were later found dead in their parents’ home. The act caused horror nationwide.

Sources used: news agencies dpa, AFP

Florian Schroeder was on the stage of the “lateral thinking” demo in Stuttgart on Saturday. Instead of substantiating the opinion of the participants, he presented them. There were boos from the audience and applause on the net.

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A provocative appearance by the cabaret artist Florian Schroeder at the “” lateral thinking “” demo in Stuttgart attracted a lot of attention online. According to his own statements, Schroeder came on stage on Saturday to “” test the limits of their freedom of expression. The 40-year-old received applause for his first remarks, as shown in a video that Schroeder distributed on his own YouTube channel: “” My name is Schroeder, I come from the mainstream, “” he said, and: “” Man told me that freedom is here in Stuttgart. “” 

But the audience’s enthusiasm quickly waned. Schroeder asked if we were “” living in a Corona dictatorship. After a polyphonic “” yes “” from the crowd, the cabaret artist argued against it: “” If we had any form of dictatorship, then you shouldn’t even meet here, then you shouldn’t even stand here. And I shouldn’t speak here at all. “” 

“” Then you have to endure my opinion “”

When asked: “” Do you want total freedom of expression? “” A loud “Yes” was heard from the audience. Schroeder then said: “” I believe that Corona is a highly dangerous, contagious disease, and I am convinced that wearing a mask and keeping your distance is the most important and best thing we can do these days. ” and long boos and shouted afterwards: “” If you are for freedom of expression, you have to endure my opinion. “”

“” I am not part of the government, but I certainly have different views than you. I am convinced that we have a very good, very colorful press landscape and that we have a very good constitution, that we live in a country, that many countries envy us that we are in this life, “” he said.